Rental & Used Equipment

Dredge Pump Solutions owns a wide range of specialized high-end equipment available for rental or second-hand sales.

This includes a wide variety of dredge pumps, jet water pumps, booster pumps and auxiliary equipment such as power packs, dredge pipes, instrumentation, and appendages.  Our in-house maintenance department keeps all our equipment in a perfect condition for direct use all around the world, onshore and offshore.

To determine the best project solution and required equipment, we offer engineering and consultancy services. Our experienced engineers can design and develop any pumping equipment that is required for a project.

Dredge Pumps

Dredge Pump Solutions can deliver a great variety of dredge pumps, ranging from small electric driven pumps to large hydraulic pumps able to reach a capacity of 2400m3/hr. By using standard components, we can quickly modify any dredge pump in a versatile dredging tool optimized for any specific job.

DPS Pump Overview

DOP 1515 - Hydraulic 65kW

DOP 1815_- Hydraulic 95kW

DOP 2320 - Hydraulic 135kW

DOP 250 - Hydraulic 195kW

DOP 3530LD - Hydraulic 250kW

DOP350 - Hydraulic 360kW

Booster Pumps

When the material needs to be pumped over a large distance, Dredge Pump Solutions has a wide variety of booster pumps. Our dedicated engineers and consultants will recommend the right booster, dredge pump and pipeline configuration optimized for the job at hand.

DPS Pump Overview

BP5045LD - Diesel 260kW

BP2525MD Ebooster - Electric 275kW

BP350 - Hydraulic 360kW

BP3530MD Ebooster - Electric 450kW

HRCS 120-25-50 - Diesel 720kW

Jetwater Pumps

To optimize the production with a dredge pump, Dredge Pump Solutions can advise on the use of jet water based on the type of dredge pump used and local soil conditions. Dredge Pump Solutions has the right jet water pumps available for every situation.

DPS Pump Overview

LH322 - Electric 22kW

LH8110  -Electric 110kW

BAC200S5 - Diesel 200kW

BA-C200H42 - 280 kW

BA-C200S8 - Diesel 350 kW

Pipeline and Appendages

Dredge Pump Solutions delivers a vast variety of pipeline components and appendages for every specific project need, including floating pipelines, valves, instrumentation, diffusers, steel and HDPE pipelines.

Auxiliary Equipment

Dredge Pump Solutions can deliver auxiliary support equipment such as hydraulic power packs, generators, light towers and process instrumentation, for any relevant operation.

PVE800S - 565 kW

PVE900 - 565 kW

ICE600 - 403 kW

Special Equipment

Dredge Pump Solutions is known for its project-specific solutions; this includes the development and construction of project specific equipment. Our experienced in-house engineers manage the entire process of designing and producing any piece of equipment, ranging from a minor optimization for a dredgehead to a full-scale specialized dredger.